Sorry for the pause

Apologies for the temporary pause in posting. Been dealing with some plumbing problems in the house. I’m sure the mere mention of that brings flashbacks for some of you longtime homeowners.

On a positive note, have found a little time to get back to regular training in BJJ and shooting at the gun club. Also, Biden is still not the real president.

Purchased a shipping container for $1,900, delivery to the house included. In the Army we called it a “conex” (pronounced “cahn-ex”). Should be a good asset.

Get off of social media, it is all enemy comms. Gather the trusted members of your group and start figuring out how to start throwing monkey wrenches. Legally disobey and disrupt everything. File complaints. Contest tickets. Use jury nullification. Slow everything down that you can. Watch out for feds. they’re everywhere. Assume they’re in your group. If you’ve got over 10 riflemen in your group, someone is probably accessible to the feds. Close that access.

FYI: PEX>PVC when it comes to plumbing repair.

Regular programming will be back shortly.

4 thoughts on “Sorry for the pause

  1. Slipknot

    Pex rules
    I’m not a plumber and can’t remember ever staying at a Holiday Inn Express.
    But, I know Pex solves perplexing problems.


  2. Theodore

    I always thought it would be cool (and useful) to bury a bunch of connected shipping containers as a bunker/storage system. I imagine there would be a bunch of problems to solve like moisture, air flow, toxic chemicals, structural reinforcement to withstand the pressures of the dirt, etc. The water table is too high here to try though.


    1. The Gray Man Post author

      Yes, structural reinforcement. Those things are meant to be stacked, not buried. The strength is at the corners. A little bit of dirt can collapse the sides and the top.



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