Some thoughts on the ruling class.

It’s no coincidence that the people in media and journalism, the talking heads you see on TV all the time, and the professors of academia, the officials at the highest levels of the unelected bureaucracies, the most honored uniform wearers in the alphabet soup agencies, our elected officials in both parties and the celebrities of Hollyweird belong to the left-leaning political persuasion. Aside from their left-wing, neo-liberal, collectivist-socialist-communist philosophical beliefs, they share another common trait: They’re all completely, utterly disconnected from the reality that the average American lives on a daily basis. This includes the entire Democrat Party, and the entire Republican Party, save for a tiny handful of people. Less than ten. Lauren Boebert, is one example.

This disconnect does nothing to prevent them from issuing edicts and judgments from their ivory towers and golden toilets on how we should live, behave and even speak. They are the cloud people, pontificating to us, the lowly dirt people.

Study your history and take note of the habits of communists. Especially pay attention to what communists do when they feel like the dirt people aren’t lining up the way they want them to.

Sic Semper Tyrannis. Every single one of them.

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