ZeroGov: Why Glock?

I highly agree with Mr. Buppert on this one, as does the US special operations community. They’ve foregone the regular Army chosen Sig P320 in favor of the Glock 19. I own both, I like both, I can shoot well with both, as can my wife, but I carry the Glock 19. I have for years. For years before that I carried the Glock 17. She has chosen to carry the Sig.

The 17 never malfunctioned on me, ever. The 19 did, once. Hornady Critical Defense HP ammo got hung up on the feed ramp with that pointy bullet and rubbery insert. I’ve since fixed that issue.

If you carry something else, fine by me. There are a great many models made by a great many companies. But don’t knock the Glock.

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