Sorry for the pause

Apologies for the temporary pause in posting. Been dealing with some plumbing problems in the house. I’m sure the mere mention of that brings flashbacks for some of you longtime homeowners.

On a positive note, have found a little time to get back to regular training in BJJ and shooting at the gun club. Also, Biden is still not the real president.

Purchased a shipping container for $1,900, delivery to the house included. In the Army we called it a “conex” (pronounced “cahn-ex”). Should be a good asset.

Get off of social media, it is all enemy comms. Gather the trusted members of your group and start figuring out how to start throwing monkey wrenches. Legally disobey and disrupt everything. File complaints. Contest tickets. Use jury nullification. Slow everything down that you can. Watch out for feds. they’re everywhere. Assume they’re in your group. If you’ve got over 10 riflemen in your group, someone is probably accessible to the feds. Close that access.

FYI: PEX>PVC when it comes to plumbing repair.

Regular programming will be back shortly.

Some thoughts on the ruling class.

It’s no coincidence that the people in media and journalism, the talking heads you see on TV all the time, and the professors of academia, the officials at the highest levels of the unelected bureaucracies, the most honored uniform wearers in the alphabet soup agencies, our elected officials in both parties and the celebrities of Hollyweird belong to the left-leaning political persuasion. Aside from their left-wing, neo-liberal, collectivist-socialist-communist philosophical beliefs, they share another common trait: They’re all completely, utterly disconnected from the reality that the average American lives on a daily basis. This includes the entire Democrat Party, and the entire Republican Party, save for a tiny handful of people. Less than ten. Lauren Boebert, is one example.

This disconnect does nothing to prevent them from issuing edicts and judgments from their ivory towers and golden toilets on how we should live, behave and even speak. They are the cloud people, pontificating to us, the lowly dirt people.

Study your history and take note of the habits of communists. Especially pay attention to what communists do when they feel like the dirt people aren’t lining up the way they want them to.

Sic Semper Tyrannis. Every single one of them.

My thoughts on China, for the record.

I want to be on record here, so everyone knows. China is a communist, totalitarian police state with an abysmal record on human rights. The government there is nothing but a lying, thieving bunch of murderers running a country full of immoral people. Everything they ever created or invented was actually just stolen from someone else. Mainly from the US. Unfortunately, they also own the Biden crime family, and most of the people in the US government.

Consider me to be extremely “anti-China”. Yes, that includes the Chinese people themselves.

ZeroGov: Why Glock?

I highly agree with Mr. Buppert on this one, as does the US special operations community. They’ve foregone the regular Army chosen Sig P320 in favor of the Glock 19. I own both, I like both, I can shoot well with both, as can my wife, but I carry the Glock 19. I have for years. For years before that I carried the Glock 17. She has chosen to carry the Sig.

The 17 never malfunctioned on me, ever. The 19 did, once. Hornady Critical Defense HP ammo got hung up on the feed ramp with that pointy bullet and rubbery insert. I’ve since fixed that issue.

If you carry something else, fine by me. There are a great many models made by a great many companies. But don’t knock the Glock.

Spotting and Assessing Human Sources of Information

 Originally posted by The Gray Man at American Partisan.

In a conflict environment, the guerrilla may still have to continue living and operating within society and conduct himself as a regular civilian at times. This is simply part of being a guerrilla, it’s part of what differentiates a guerrilla from your basic battlefield combatant. It’s the ability to not just “blend in”, but to be a part of that society and environment.

With that said, the guerilla always needs to be thinking ahead, even when, especially when, he is functioning “normally” in his day-to-day civilian living routine. Part of that is always being keen to picking up intelligence and information useful to the guerrilla’s cause. People you meet will sometimes have that information, and you’ll need to know how to spot those people and further, how to assess whether or not they are useful as a source.

Prior to putting any time into source finding, you’re going to need to figure out what you need to know. You need to find out what your “intelligence gaps” are. Go over the information you have about a particular area, decide what questions you’d like to answer and develop some “priority intelligence requirements” (PIRs). Once you have your PIRs, you can start finding ways to collect against those PIRs. The guerrilla is going to need to get good at collecting from human sources.

There is an assessment tool that goes by an acronym that will assist in figuring out the usefulness of potential human source. The word is “PAMSSA”, or also “PA-MSSA”. I’ll go into some detail, as it can be useful to the guerrilla, since it can be a bit different for a soldier in a uniformed military.

The “P” stands for placement. If a potential source has placement, then it means they have a spacial or geographical position to the information you seek. A source can not help you gather information if they never have placement anywhere near the information. To use a simple example, suppose you would like to start gathering medical information about the patients in a local hospital. I don’t really know why one would be interested in doing this, but it’s a very simple fictional example for my purposes. Would your local garbage collector have placement in this case? The answer is not really. Even collecting the garbage from the hospital, from the loading docks, maybe he even occasionally has to enter the building, but he doesn’t really have good placement. What about the housekeepers inside the hospital? Do they have placement? The answer is yes. They are in and out of the rooms and working among the patients on a regular basis. How about the nurses? Yes, of course. They have placement, possibly the best placement of the three.

The next step is “A” for access. Access means direct access to the information you seek. Go back to our hospital example. Now you’ll see that the housekeepers who have decent placement do NOT have any sort of access, beyond perhaps remembering the faces of the patients they see. The nurses will have excellent access in this case. Are you starting to see what placement and access mean to finding a potential source of information? This is why the PA is often hyphenated and separated from the MSSA. You can’t move forward on the PA-MSSA assessment tool if the person your assessing doesn’t have adequate placement and access.

Moving on, we now must look at the potential source’s motivation. This usually requires actually meeting and discussing with the source. You’ll need to get an idea of what would motivate a source to willingly pass information to you. In Afghanistan, money was a big motivator for human sources, but that is often a major problem. Sources will always be willing to sell you information, and sometimes they’re even willing to sell you false information. Other motivating factors that you’d rather see are a belief in whatever your cause is. If a source shares your beliefs and is interested in advancing your cause, that’s a positive motivation. Maybe your source has been wronged by your enemy, or they’re disgruntled about something and are driven to correct it. This isn’t to say that money is always negative, since often a source considers a payment a sort of compensation for the risk they take when speaking with you. However, money as the sole motivating factor can often cause problems down the line. More on that below.

Next assessment step is suitability. When you’re getting to know your potential source, you need to see if this person is even suitable to serve in this role. You need to look for some level of intelligence. If the person you’re assessing isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, are they suitable? Do they even know anything about the information they’re giving you? Are they impulsive? During their daily activities, are they going to do something stupid and get themselves in trouble, or even killed? Are they smart enough to do what I’m trying to get them to do, or to tell me? Or are they going to maintain good placement and access? Do they speak your language? Do they have any physical issues that hinder their ability to assist you? Are they emotionally stable? Mentally stable? You’ll have to consider these things.

The next factor is susceptibility. This is consideration for how easily they will agree to work with you, or how easily they will agree to turn against you. A source with great placement and access is of no use if they’re not willing to work with you and pass along the information you need, and even more dangerous is a source that will pass along information about you to your enemies. This topic can be greatly discussed once you get into the realm of witting and unwitting sources and the subject of elicitation. I mentioned above that I would say more on motivation. You’ll have to keep in mind that having a good understanding of a source’s motivation can help you overcome problems with susceptibility.

The final variable is accessibility. This questions the ease of access you have to the source. A source that you’re unable to communicate with is useless. You’ll need to assess how you will communicate with that source, how often, for how long, etc. This touches a bit on suitability as well. Does the source have the time and opportunity to contact you? Do they have multiple ways to communicate to you? Are they capable of using more complex means, like dead drops without screwing up? Are they too busy to meet with you regularly? One very important factor to look at is time sensitive information. Does your source have the ability to recognize important and/or time sensitive information (if not, they may not be suitable) and do they have the ability to get that information to you quickly and securely?

This source assessment tool is easily practiced in daily life. All you need to do is identify your intelligence requirement and start with placement and access, and work your way down the list. Be sure to reassess sources periodically. Develop communication plans with your contacts. Assess current sources for additional collection capabilities.

A random thought.

We have people who think if we find an amoeba on Mars, we have found “extraterrestrial life”.

Most of those same people think an unborn human baby with a heartbeat is not life.

And our tax dollars are used by a government that agrees. The majority of Christian churches in America will tell to you “render unto Caesar…”

If that’s what “Caesar” is going to do with my money, then I want my money back.

T.E. Lawrence, a master of guerrilla warfare.

There have been many examinations of the life and exploits of Thomas Edward Lawrence, CB, DSO, better known as T.E. Lawrence, or even more so as “Lawrence of Arabia”. In this writer’s opinion, there can not be enough examinations of such an outstanding existence as the one lived by T.E. Lawrence. Perhaps the readers here will not learn anything new about the man from this short piece, but if all that you take from this piece is a reminder that such a human lived, and lived well, then that is enough. Obviously there are a great many things that we in our community of “Freedomistas” and liberty lovers, or dare I call us guerrilla partisans at the risk of triggering an “ERPO”, can learn and apply to our cause going forward.

Born in Wales in 1888, T.E. Lawrence went on to become a British Army intelligence officer during World War I. He was sent to Saudi Arabia in 1916 where he eventually became involved in the Arab Revolt and the Sinai and Palestine Campaign. He used his strategic genius to guide guerrilla activities, counseled factions to work together, planned and executed guerrilla activities and worked up to the level of military advisor for high ranking personnel. Upon his arrival in the theatre, he quickly recognized that the forces he was fighting with were not at the level of the regular Turkish/Ottoman troops, and he therefore convinced and committed the local tribesmen to guerrilla warfare with great success.

In examining Lawrence’s writings and others’ writings about him, we see the foundation of what it is to operate as a guerrilla force. Attacking supply lines, communications, striking the enemy at their weak points while avoiding their strengths. Lawrence was able to embed himself with the local Arab populations, blend in well (despite being unmistakably a white Brit) by learning “their language their manners and their mentality”, as said by General Allenby, and live amongst them for months at a time with little to no support from higher up any chain of command. If there is to be a “Guerrilla Warfare 101” textbook, let it be the life of T.E. Lawrence, or maybe more so, his autobiography “Revolt in the Desert”.

In reading several substantial texts on Lawrence, one takes notice of a favorite tactic, that is the destruction of railroads used by the Ottomans to move troops from one stronghold to another. On at least several occasions, Lawrence himself used explosives to destroy rails and trains, allowing his small band of Bedouin Arabs to outmatch larger numbers of soldiers who were focused on trying to escape the wreckage. This caused the Ottomans to commit larger amounts of resources to defending areas that otherwise had little strategic value. When the Ottomans moved soldiers to a location, Lawrence and his wild band of fighters would simply relocate and attack the next vulnerable target.

Likewise was his strategy against communication wires. It was an easy target that required minimal resources, minimal manpower, short time and just a small risk, while the Ottomans had to once again commit resources to repairing and defending the lines. Resources that were moved by rail. The main objective is to magnify your advantages, mitigate your disadvantages, while neutralizing or avoiding your enemy’s strengths and punishing their weaknesses. Only a few small victories by a guerrilla force can effectively demoralize a larger and well equipped enemy. Lawrence used this to great effect.

Another key point to be learned from Lawrence is a lesson in OPSEC. Operating in a guerrilla environment means one needs to be practicing OPSEC at all times, and Lawrence was a master at it, even keeping the details of some of his missions a secret from his own superiors.

Something else we can observe is how adept he was at climbing the hierarchy of whatever local leadership was in place, and getting himself into a position of great influence and trust. I’ve said before to people who know me that if you want to be famous or well known, get yourself elected to office. But if you want to have some real influence, find who is in charge and become their advisor. Lawrence was a natural at this, at one point gaining enough influence to convince military leadership of how to go about fighting in the theatre during the Arab Revolt.

I highly recommend reading T.E. Lawrence’s writings. There has possibly not been a better representation of a true guerrilla warrior in modern times, and it behooves us all to absorb what we can from the greats that came before us if we stand any chance at regaining what our enemies seek to take away.

Today is the day.

The day is here. The hour is drawing near to wrap up your plans. Get yourself off of social media. Unfortunately that probably includes Gab. On January 20th (today) it will be confirmed that you and I, for all the plans we’ve made and all of the “fighting back” and “speaking out” and “standing up” we did, have had nearly zero ability to affect the national political landscape in any positive way. Voting in national level elections appears to be a total waste of your time. Social media is used for human terrain mapping, and they are actively using it to coerce you into saying something they can use against you.

We don’t even have to make mistakes anymore. We don’t have to do anything to be attacked. All that is required now is for the left to hysterically verbalize their own thoughts about us, and then it is as if we magically become the monsters they think we are. One example is the 25,000 soldiers you see around the capitol today. We are told that we are so dangerous, that it is necessary to fortify D.C. So now anything they do to us is justified, because look how they had to call in the troops just to protect themselves from us!

They will take your job. They will close your bank account and lock your cards. They will block you from buying or using guns for your own defense. They will deny you access to travel. They will force you to be vaccinated, but still wear a mask. They will kick you out of school. They will close your church. They will cut off your communications. They will ban you from the internet so that the entire world of information that was at your fingertips is gone. They will take away your children and place them in reeducation camps. They will put you in jail. In the end, they will kill you if they can. They will do all of these things, while calling you an oppressor. They will cry out in pain as they strike you.

Your only way to help yourself and those you love is via local channels. Keep your head down and avoid crowds. Find the few (and it is only going to be a few) people who think like you do and that you can trust, and pool your skills and resources. Pull your cash now. Have an escape plan. The big political fight on the national stage is most likely over today. We lost it, and can not win. The rules are in place to ensure that we lose to those who don’t follow them. We acted too little, too late. We are now living in a massive humiliation ritual. Your country is run by demonic, tranny fags. What are you going to do about it?

Trump is most likely going to jail. Probably soon. Qanon is not real. The Democrat Party is going to try to destroy your life, and the Republican Party is going to do whatever they can to help them.

You have no country, so start from the bottom and work your way up. Secure your home. Secure your property. Get with your like-minded neighbors and secure your street. Then the neighborhood. Then your city block. That will be as much as most people are capable of. Move outward in concentric circles as you’re able.

Don’t forget the priorities that I’ve been preaching for years: Shelter, water, food, security. In that order.

Next: Intelligence collection, medical, communications, transportation. In whatever order suits you.



In the absence of orders, with all communications cut: Find something communist and destroy it.

May God have mercy on us.